Image of New Father Praying Over His Newborn Baby Goes Viral

A beautiful image of a father and his son has taken the Internet by storm, testifying to the beauty of new life and fatherhood.

The image shows a father praying over his newborn son in a Brazilian hospital nursery. Taken moments after the newborn’s birth, the photo was captured by Jana Brasil Photography, and countless people have been touched by the candid, prayerful moment. A series of photos, including the one of prayer, originally was posted on Instagram by the father in the photo, Victor Calmon

The 33-year-old first-time father took to social media to share a few words about his family, writing: “That moment when it hits you like a ton of bricks and your hands are shaking because you suddenly discover your purpose and the reason you’re in this world. To God I say, ‘Thank you,’ to my wife I say, ‘I love you,’ and to my son, I say, ‘Welcome!’”

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